It’s impossible to miss the ads for paid website traffic. Getting thousands of visitors to a new, upgraded, or existing but struggling site for a very low investment seems like a modern miracle cure. Use ‘paid web traffic’ as a search term and you’ll probably get the full mix of PPC, ad, bot generators and website traffic providers, as well as a long line of reviews and opinions that range from zero to hero. Paid traffic – human or otherwise – is a popular product.


If you manage a client website or are the brain behind your own creation, marketing may or may not be part of your skills set. Some think fake traffic is a short-cut to success; others ignore it as a scam. Even in the professional environment opinions are mixed as to the correct use of paid traffic from independent providers.

What’s A Bot Traffic Generator?

Bot traffic generators, fake traffic generators, auto traffic generators or click traffic generators all describe a common product – software or a piece of code that sends bots to a specified domain. Fake traffic simply means non-human visitors. Bots.


Bot traffic is not currently a trusted marketing strategy, primarily due to the use of the word ‘fake’. When advertising networks identify bot traffic in large numbers, a user might be suspended or fined. In other words, using bots to artificially boost ad revenue is fraudulent and not recommended.


Bot traffic usually has certain characteristics that a network algorithm can identify:


  • Very low or low bounce rate
  • Very high bounce rate
  • Low session duration
  • Low pages per session rate
  • Sudden high numbers of new visitors
  • Unusual visitor locations (IPs)


While bot traffic used specifically to increase ad revenue, shift political vote statistics or carry out a DDoS attack is fraud, it does have value. In fact, it has a lot of value.


Bot traffic generators do not send crawlers, scrapers or data aggregators. They do not leave spam comments or carry out ransomware attacks. Innovative traffic generators let you tweak all manner of variables and so fine-tune your analytics reports, validate server capability and improve website SEO. Social media bot generators have options that include auto-refill; this boosts likes and views. It is extremely likely that mediocre celebrities with sky-high likes on their social media profiles have hired a marketer who likes to use a bot generator.


What Does a Traffic Bot Generator Do?

Take, for example, the traffic bot generator from Diabolic Labs. An SaaS solution, it can be adjusted to make it Adsense safe (unless Google suddenly develops a highly-advanced detection algorithm) and offers the choice of datacenter or residential/mobile (emulated) proxies. No datacenter sources should ever be used to boost search engine visibility but can be an extremely cheap way to validate website and server capabilities and speeds. This particular generator also lets you select popular referrers like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Google, or input your own selection.


As with top bot traffic generators that actually make a difference to SERP rankings, this software as a service can be made to mimic human traffic. The more naturally your bot traffic behaves, the less chance there is of your traffic being marked as suspicious. The sudden influx of new visitors to a quiet site from locations that are unusual for that brand can raise a flag to, among others, Google Analytics. By dribbling bot traffic at a rate that is slightly higher than your organic traffic over the long term, by matching bounce rates and session times to organic levels, and by increasing page numbers per session, detection is rare.


Any automated traffic generator that does not allow you to adjust human-like variables should be avoided when your goal is search engine visibility. This is not the case when you buy targeted traffic that converts in lower numbers than organic traffic but is even more useful than bot traffic from a human web traffic provider. Human targeted traffic sent from the right geolocations and niches are rarely flagged as suspicious unless they all arrive within a short timespan. A site that usually attracts 200 visitors a day that suddenly receives 20,000 a day for a week and then returns to the ‘normal’ level will raise flags whether these high visitor numbers are human or not and no matter where they come from or how long they stay on a page.

How Can Bot Traffic Boost Visibility?

Use non-emulated bot traffic purely to test capacities and speeds. Human-mimicking bot generators, a highly cost-effective marketing strategy, can safely be used to boost website popularity when this traffic behaves similarly to your human visitors and does not vastly exceed the sites average visitor numbers. A gradual climb in visitor numbers though the addition of bot traffic is a top long-term strategy that, in combination with other marketing strategies, pays off. 


And that last phrase is key – in combination with other marketing strategies. No paid traffic – whether this is bot or human – works alone. But hand-in-hand with the marketing mainstays of SEO, quality content, top UX, backlinks, social media, ads, email campaigns and even print or TV advertising, paid traffic is one of the cheapest ways to significantly boost results.


Using ‘fake’ traffic for immediate PPC revenue or to harm other sites or visitors is fraud. Implementing human or automated paid traffic as a push mechanism for your organic pull strategy, on the other hand, is marketing genius.