Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between particle physics and Quantum Physics? Aren’t they the same?

They are different studies focusing on different subjects. Particle physics focuses on high energy elements while quantum physics focuses on the characteristics of quantum elements to explore entanglement and to better understand their nature and reaction.

What discoveries particle physics can unfold?

Without particle physics, the internet and touchscreens wouldn’t be possible. Particle physics is useful for innovation in the field of technology, health, and environment. Particle physics can unfold many discoveries that could solve major issues our society is experiencing today.

I want to study particle physics, what course should I take?

To be a physicist you will need to have a degree in physics and a doctoral degree taking a branch of physics of your choice.

What can I do to support your cause?

It doesn’t have to be money every time. We need supporters of the study to compel authorities to fund the study. If you want to support our cause, you may help us by signing up on our registration page.

I do want to share my input about particle physics, how?

We definitely love input. We did specify that in science, more heads are better than one. Kindly visit our registration page and fill out the form.