How Particle Physics Improved Your Life

Here are the things that were created due to the awesomeness of particle physics. You may admit it or not, but you can’t deny that particle physics improved your life.

Baby Diapers and Absorbent Stuff

Let’s start with the basics. If you have a baby, then you have baby diapers regularly included in your shopping list. Did you know that without particle physics, you’ll still be wrapping your baby’s bottom using baby towels? Baby diapers are a big business even for entrepreneurs. Thousands of website visitors buy baby diapers in bulk online.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

MRI came to the picture when Xray is no longer enough. It can detect gray matter in tissues in which x-ray can’t. According to tech blog of users doing MRI, this invention saved millions of life by diagnosing health issues before they become serious or cancerous. It changed the outpatient industry by making their work easier and more accurate.

The Online Word

Without particle physics, you won’t be reading this content today. There will be no internet. No one can even build a website. We would still be doing the old ways which require a lot of paperwork and hustle. So, how did particle physics build the internet world? As you know, internet use algorithms derived from particle physics. The copper wire that sends signals to your computer was all due to particle physics.

Touch Screen Technology

Do you love the convenience of having a smartphone? It’s amazing isn’t it, how it detects the movement of your fingers real time. With just your smartphone, you can buy traffic for website and do amazing things online. It became a wide and profitable industry today. Now they are working on voice-activated technology which also uses physics. So never underestimate what particle physics can do.

Grid Computing and Flow of Information

Companies around the world have a network system which allows them to control everything in one server. There are limitless you can do with grid computing in terms of control, categorization, and even to buy website traffic. Grid computing created the servers for different countries and let them share information to the whole world. A non-scientific profession such as bloggers should thank particle physics for making this network possible for them. Because of particle physics, the competition for traffic became competitive that’s why there is cheap website traffic you can avail.

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