How To Get Started in Particle Physics

Are you interested to learn more about particle physics but you think it quite too late? Don’t let the spike of curiosity to fade into darkness. There are so many interesting subjects to know about like Dark Matter, Anti Matter, and The Early Universe. But prior understanding these theories and their concept, you might need to catch up on some things. Let’s help you to get started.

Fundamentals You Should Know

There are two fundamental particles you should be aware of: Bosons and Fermions. Let’s discuss it in an easier way to understand. Bosons are force-carriers. They come to existence through activities that generate forces while Fermions are created by when two or more matters influence one another that create a different form matter. That’s why are they are called, matter makers.

Theories You Need to Study

Let’s start with the most famous one, the theory of relativity by Albert Einstein. It explains how objects are formed through mass and energy conversion. By going through this theory, you’ll learn the use of accelerators and how it can create new particles by forcing objects to emit excess energy which results in the forming of new particles. Other theories such as standard model, supersymmetry, and effective field theories will also help you to be prepared for advanced physics.

Moving to Advanced Particle Physics

Physics is an exciting subject. Let us warn you that you will feel the urge to jump to advance particle physics, diving to unresolved theories such as Dark Matter and Super Symmetry. But don’t get too excited. Know the basics of particle physics first. Understand the foundation of each theory and when you’re done, it’s time to move up.

Insatiable Curiosity

It all starts with curiosity. It’s the urge to know more why and how things work. The insatiable curiosity to seek an answer is the best medicine in making long hours of reading as an act of enjoyment. It will give you reasons to move forward even when you are failing. Failures are not failures. They are rather stepping stones to get to the end of the tunnel.

8 thoughts on “How To Get Started in Particle Physics

  1. Leo

    Physics and other areas of scientific research are interesting subjects to discuss. Most millenials these days do not want to talk about it. LOL

  2. Bryan

    Particle physics can be very boring if you’re not interested. Most people find it amazingly interesting because they are very curious and fascinated with a lot of things.

  3. Wendell

    Particle physics is uniquely studied by most scientists these days. It only show how many people are interested in the paranormal phenomena LOL

  4. Mark Author

    Particle physics is a very interesting subject to learn. It may not be as common as others but when you get to know more you’ll never want to stop.


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