Recognizing Great Contributors of Physics

There are many important people we have forgotten who contributed a lot to the society. Let’s look back and recognize these people who slowly changed the world through their study.

Theory of Special Relativity - Albert Einstein

He is one of the most famous people of all time. Not only he contributed a lot, but he also had an interesting life full of lessons for us to learn. His work, theory of special relativity, made us a realize that space-time exists. It showed that the speed of light in a vacuum is running in constant speed but an observers perception vary depending on the acceleration of both parties. However, no matter the speed of a person, the speed of light remains constant.

On the Magnet - William Gilbert

William Gilbert revolutionized how the worldview magnetic energy. Through his intensive study to this subject, he was able to save thousands of ships from being lost through a compass. His work discussed more on magnetic nature which inspired more scientist to innovate based on his research.

Higgs Field - Higgs Boson

Higgs Boson is responsible for developing a theoretical model which helps researchers to understand the particle fundamentals and the forces of nature. His study discusses particles and why do they have mass which also touched some topics from quantum physics. His work explains the interrelational of particles which tells more about the world we live in. He may not be as famous as other physicists, but his work helped in removing the veil in science. Higgs Field challenges all physicists to look beyond the standard model, thus making physics a work that never ends.

The Law of Dynamics - Galileo Galilei

As a young boy, he had shown interest in any branch of science. His life as a curious scientist, philosopher, and physicist was not easy. He was regularly in trouble for his work because people at the time only believe in the Catholic church. Nevertheless, his work paved the way for the future scientist who further studied his unfinished work.

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